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Happy Sunday

The BLVD & MOAH are Forming an Interest List for the 2020 POW! WOW! Mural Event

If you weren’t a part of last year’s POW! WOW! Mural experience in the BLVD Cultural District, you may have missed out on one of the largest cultural events in town! The good news is that planning efforts for POW! WOW! 2020 have begun!

Speaking of influence, if you haven’t taken notice of the murals downtown, social network and media influencers certainly have — along with their long lists of followers!! Last year’s 2018 POW! WOW! event garnered major influencer attention and resulted in well over 1 million views!

Many of the art movements renowned artists, art institutions, bloggers, vologgers and national sponsors shared the POW! WOW! story with their network of followers. Influencers included Aaron de la Cruz, Ahmir H. Falla, Amy Sol, Andrew Hem, Carl Ealy, Christopher Koneki, Darcy Yates, Ekundayo, Emily Ding, Hueman, Jeff Soto, Julius Eastman, Lauren YS, Mikey Kelly, MOUF, Nuri Amanatullah, Scott listfield, Super A,Tina Dille,Tran Nguyen, Thinkspace Art, POW! WOW! Worldwide, POW! WOW! AV, Hawaiian Airlines, MOAH Lancaster, 47, The BLVD Lancaster,Destination Lancaster, Montana Cans USA, Montana Cans, Monster Energy, OluKai, Spratx, Jo Murray with LA Media Group, Sal and Gloria Herbert from Black Meetings & Tourism, and many others!