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Antelope Valley Rural Museum

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2551 W Avenue H, Lancaster, CA 93536

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Antelope Valley Rural Museum

As we rush through busy lives with smartphones and coffee in hand, it’s easy to forget that the Antelope Valley was once a thriving agricultural community famed for its alfalfa, fruits and veggies. While hints of a farming lifestyle are found on the edges of the valley, the past is hidden to most people—until you venture to the Antelope Valley Rural Museum. An all-volunteer army of tinkerers, artisans and historians keeps this country heritage alive. A special hall at the Antelope Valley Fair & Events Center is filled with fascinating nuggets of the past and stories about how lovers of Antelope Valley history continue to honor days gone by with the Annual Rural Olympics. Explore vintage farm equipment and early railroad memorabilia and talk with descendants of Lancaster’s pioneering families to gain new insights and appreciation for life on the farm.