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Destination Lancaster Board Meeting

31 January 2023

Contact Phone
(661) 579-3779

AV Fairgrounds 2551W. Ave H, Lancaster, CA 93536 (admin office)

12:00PM - 1:00PM

Destination Lancaster Board Meeting

Board of Directors Meeting 

Destination Lancaster conducts quarterly Board meetings. 

These meeting are open to the public.                       ..  

If members of the public wish to address the Board they may attend and complete a speakers card prior to the start of the meeting, Individual speakers are limited to three minutes each.




January 31, 2023  – 12:00 PM

Antelope Valley Fairgrounds – Boardroom

Chair:  Ken Mann,   Executive Director: Mark Hemstreet


Call to Order

Roll Call                                                              Chairman Mann

Approval of Minutes October 2022              Chairman Mann

Financial Report Treasure                              Jacobs/ Hemstreet

                                New Business

  1. Spectrum Reach                                      Sherryl Nelson
  2. Directors                                                   Chairman Mann
  3. AVentures Magazine                              Hemstreet
  4. New Website                                            Hemstreet
  5. Travel Show                                             Hemstreet
  6. Board Strategic Planning Meeting      Chairman Mann

                               Continued Business

  1. Security/Homeless Issues/ New City Hybrid Police                         Chairman Mann
  2. Hotelier Lunches                                                                                       Hemstreet
  3. Events                                                                                                          Hemstreet

                             Public Business from the Floor—Non-Agenda Items

This portion of the agenda allows an individual the opportunity to address the Destination Lancaster Board of Directors on any item not on the agenda.                 State law prohibits the board from taking action on items not on the agenda and your matter will be referred to staff. Individual speakers are limited to three minutes each.

  1. Roundtable Comments                       All
  2. Adjournment                                         Chairman Mann