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Happy Sunday

Take 3

Lindsay Deutsch – Violin
Mikala Schmitz – Cello
Alexa Constantine – Piano


presented by Antelope Valley Community Concerts Association

This crossover band of strings, piano, vocals and percussion, is led by Yanni’s star violin soloist, Lindsay Deutsch, joined by cellist, Mikala Schmitz and pianist Alexa Constantine. Trained at the world’s top conservatories, these artists took their chops from Beethoven to Bieber and have become known for eclectic programming – from Billy Joel and the Beatles, to popular TV and movie hits such as Game of Thrones and Pirates of the Caribbean. TAKE3 enjoys getting back to their roots of classical programming and takes pride in making this music accessible to audiences who may not have the opportunity to hear it. These world class artists are more than great entertainers, they emit deep expression through their performances and connect emotionally with their audiences. A fabulous show!

Tickets: $33, Youth $15


Message from AVCCA:

Hi Music lovers,
We invite you to a fabulous concert to be held at LPAC. 
Low “Student Rush” admission price available. 

We look forward to seeing you there.
Warm wishes,

Virginia Shields


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Antelope Valley
Community Concerts Association
2022-2023 – Performances