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Young Artist Workshop: Wacky Sculptures

07 October 2021

Lancaster Museum of Art and History - MOAH 665 W Lancaster Blvd, Lancaster, CA, United States

3:00 PM

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Young Artist Workshop: Wacky Sculptures

Design your own Wacky Sculpture inspired by exhibiting artist Mela M. Use a variety of chenille stems, foam shapes, paper straws, and metallic tubes for an out-of-this-world creation.
About Mela M.:
This Young Artist Workshop (YAW) is inspired by MANIFEST STRUCTURES FROM THE IMAGINAL, a new body of work by artist Mela M. While the title of this work is a mouthful, the pieces represent how we as humans organize our lives, both physically (like walls and buildings), and mentally (like political divisions and social expectations). Mela M imagines that the way we live now will affect the future by forcing humanity to rethink how we do things in order to survive. A lot of her artwork is inspired by science and technology as well as dreams about living on other planets in outer space. For today’s YAW, explore and experiment with creating your own type of colorful, layered structure.