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Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve

Each spring, the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve in Lancaster, CA comes alive with the seasonal surprises of the Mojave

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Apollo Park

Just down the street from Fox Airfield is the scenic and serene Apollo Community Regional Park. Various trails, playgrounds, and

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Aqueduct Godee Pass

California Aqueduct offers 3 fishing sites in the Antelope Valley, 70th Street West Site, 77th East Site, and Munz Ranch

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Arthur B. Ripley Desert State Park

Antelope Valley area abundant in woods and wildlife as they ventured through the landscape preserved by the Arthur B. Ripley

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Borax Mine

Discover This Hidden Gem Buried deep in the Mojave Desert is one of the biggest and richest deposits of borax

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Devil’s Punchbowl County Park

Devil’s Punchbowl in Pearblossom was architected by the San Andreas Fault. This array of rugged rocks is a favorite among

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Golden Star Vineyards & Winery

Los Angeles County vineyards are known to lure wine aficionados to the area in search of a chance to taste

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Kolesar’s Orchard

There is, perhaps, no quainter activity than apple picking. And there is no better place for apple picking than the

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Los Angeles County Raceway Motocross (LACR MX)

If you’re ready to hit the gas, the Los Angeles County Raceway Motocross facility has courses for every skill level.

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Prime Desert Woodland Preserve

The preserve encompasses an area of more than 120 acres of uninterrupted desert landscape with nearly three miles of trails.

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